Dr Richard Furness
Dr Richard Furness

Richard Furness

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Dr. Richard Furness is well known in the both the engineering and railway worlds as a freelance consultant and artisan, founding his company JDF and Associates more than 12 years ago.  He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of Professional Engineering Institutions on both sides of the Atlantic, and is a former United Nations Consultant and Advisor in engineering in their Global Development Program (UNDP).

Richard was born in East Shropshire but he has lived in five English Counties and three American states, as well as prolonged periods of assignment in Asia, Africa and South America.  

Flow Measurement and Metrology

JDF and Associates
Dr. Furness currently runs his own consulting business, with clients all over the world.  The present focus is the water and environmental sector in South America, India, Mexico, UK and the USA, plus O+G work in Colombia and Mexico.  He has managed multi million dollar businesses at ABB Instrumentation and Endress + Hauser in the past ten years, both in the United States and in Europe.   He has been Head of a UKAS flow laboratory for 10 years, has experience in quality control procedures, auditing, traceability, uncertainty assessment and measurement.   He has vast field experience, especially pipelines (water, oil and gas) and in water supply & wastewater treatment.  This auditing and diagnostic experience extends to closed pipe and open channel systems on all five continents.  He has also undertaken network analysis and UFW studies for several municipal water authorities in India, Latin and South America, Africa and the USA.  Considerable work has also been done on pipeline dynamics, pipeline safety, leakage assessment and balancing. This includes alarm availability analysis and safety factor determination on hazardous gas lines in the USA.  He is acknowledged as a world leader in the field of flow measurement. He is the author of 3 books, several hundred papers and holds engineering patents. 

He has taught fluid mechanics and flow measurement throughout the world and is a former UNDP consultant to the United Nations (New York) on metrology and was specifically assigned to the Govt. of India.  Technical interests include uncertainty, flowmeter installation influences, magnetic, turbine & mass meters and calibration techniques.  As well as uncertainty assessment, his specialties are liquid flow in large diameter pipes and water flow in open channels.  In 1995 he was honoured with Fellowship of the ISA (USA) for his work in instrumentation calibration and measurement uncertainty, making him the only person to currently hold Fellowships in Instrumentation in both the UK and USA professional Institutes.  In recognition, the Institution of Measurement & Control awarded the Callendar Silver Medal in June 1996.  This is the highest National award in the United Kingdom and is given for life-long distinguished service to the Control Industry.
He can be contact for engineering advice at www.jdfandassociates.com.


Railway Posters

Poster To Posterwww.railway-posters.com is one of the Internet’s fastest growing websites for advice, research and resources on collecting railway art from all eras, Victorian to contemporary.    In the railway and art world, he specializes in stations signage, posters and locomotive data, and has a very extensive library of books, papers and other research material.   Richard has embarked on the production of eight definitive guides to railway posters (under licence to NSMI/NRM); this major project is hosted by this website. His extensive training and experience in research techniques allows rapid and comprehensive information to be gathered and reported.   He also has expertise in organising and setting up exhibitions of railway memorabilia. He regularly attends auctions of all types and can act as an agent for buying or selling with integrity and professionalism.

For the past few years he has been working behind the scenes, studying and carefully documenting the NRM’s extensive poster collection at York.   This background research has been more than eight years in the making, allowing the first comprehensive poster listings to be drawn-up.  Road-maps of the entire collection have been produced and more complete details are now available for other researchers in addition to the comprehensive services available at the NRM’s Search Engine.   His extensive library of digital poster images now nears 20,000, so finding posters is now easier than at any time in the past.  As a result of his long-time work in the railway history sector, services are available in the following areas:

He is a Member of the Great Western Society at Didcot and a founder member of the ‘Kings Syndicate’, a group of enthusiast whose support underpins the restoration of the GWR ‘King Class’ locomotive 6023 King Edward II at Didcot. This engine will finally run in 2010 after more than 20 years of patient restoration by GWS staff and volunteers.  He has given several talks and presentations on railwayana collecting, and on posters, and also advises on the catalogue entries for several auction houses. 

He can be reached though the contacts page at www.railway-posters.com.

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